Every so often we all need a bit of help to get back to a place of love;
and I have learned that love ALWAYS starts with you.

I offer a range of services to my clients, all with the intention of helping them feel better, so they get back to a place of love in their hearts - hence Back2love.   I'm active on my facebook page which you can find by clicking here 


Whispers of the Heart Book
£14.50 paypal janine@back2love.me


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"Whispers of the Heart is filled with today’s most inspirational teachers, healers and spiritual leaders who share their stories of following the voice of their wise inner being and the impact it made in their lives." 

I am SO EXCITED. I've already grown so much since I submitted my chapter so it's really interesting as you get to see the progress you've made, and I understand how an Author could tweak it forever.  My Chapter "From Kittens to Rock Star Angels" tells my story of developing my intuition. Something I now use to help other people and I am so glad I do! 


Services:  Please note I do provide combinations of all of the below e.g. a remedy with a reading and a little SRT. 

Flower Remedies
I choose flower remedies intuitively, and always include a short message about what is going on for you and how you can help yourself.  For more info on a personalised remedy click here. 


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) 
Dowsing with a pendulum over charts to help clear patterns and programs that are holding you back. SRT is a powerful tool, and I love how it helps free up energy so you can move forward with life.  The clearing is carried out over Skype, so you get to see the issues coming up for you, and feel the process as the energies are cleared. Sessions are £60 and you can find out more and book here.


Animal Communication
Having trained under Joanne Hull (an Animal Communicator who has appeared on This Morning, and in various magazines), I learned that the instinctive knowing I'd always had with my pets was in fact animal communication. I've got lots of pets and help people get to understand their babies better by talking to their animals.  It's fascinating! Email me for details janine@back2love.me or book here.


Intuitive Messages*
I found I was always passing on messages to friends and was encouraged to take this to the next step. So now I offer intuitive readings. You can ask me questions or just have a general reading. Book your Intuitive Message here  


Mind Calm Meditation
I am training to become a Mind Calm Meditation Coach.  From September, I'll be running courses so you can learn to meditate too (in the Moray area). Mind Calm is the modern day meditating technique which helps you get peace WITH your mind, something different to peace OF mind. Since meditating using this method, my life has changed significantly and I no longer have that anxiety that I had each day.  I have a dedicated page on Facebook coming soon for this, so watch this space. Email me at janine@back2love.me to be included in any updates. More information can be found here at the Mind Calm Website

* (by law I have to state that all intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only)